Why Mickey Roberts, Traffic Attorney, Can Win Your Case

Hire Mickey to defend you and you get an attorney who:

  • Has had a successful private practice for over 30 years.
  • Has handled thousands of cases.
  • Is a former judge.
  • Has a huge professional network of established relationships with prosecutors and judges.
  • Has a 98% success rate on contested DUI cases since 1996.
  • Provides personal service: You hire Mickey, you get Mickey – not an associate.
  • Maintains a small caseload: He can spend more time on your case than most lawyers.
  • Personally handled the Georgia appeal that led to the enactment of the HGN Field Test law
  • Is trained in all DUI detection courses: He knows all the defenses.
  • Is trained in Intox 5000 and 9000: He knows all the ins and outs of breath tests.
  • Has been trained to review blood test cases: He knows the problems with blood tests.
  • Offers fair fees with NO hidden charges
  • Offers reasonable payment plans

Mickey’s clients quickly find that he is different than most other Atlanta-area attorneys. He specializes in one very specific part of the law – defending drivers – and has decades of experience. Your case will be reviewed and handled by Mickey himself, who will work closely with you to ensure you have a thorough understanding of all the facts. You’ll know up front what the fees are and have the option to discuss a payment plan, if necessary.

Getting charged with a DUI can be scary. Mickey knows that. He also knows that it can (and often is) even worse for individuals who do not hire an experienced, knowledgeable DUI/traffic law attorney. Those who choose to go it alone or accept the services of the public defender often find themselves facing a temporary or permanent license suspension, job loss, hefty fines, jail time, high insurance rates, and thousands of dollars in related expenses.

Mickey is in court every week defending clients and when he’s not, he’s researching and staying up to date on new developments in DUI law. Regardless of your traffic violation or the circumstances of your DUI, Mickey will provide a solid and aggressive defense.