Serious Injury by Vehicle (SIBV) in Georgia

Serious Injury by Vehicle (SIBV) can result in prison time of up to 15 years. Therefore, it is important to hire a lawyer experienced and skilled in defending those accused of SIBV.

Any individual who directly contributes to the serious injury of another individual as a result of reckless driving or DUI commits the offense of Serious Injury by Vehicle.  Considered a felony carrying a 1-15 year sentence prison, “serious injury” is defined as depriving an individual of a body member by rendering said body member useless, by seriously disfiguring a body member thereof, or by causing organic brain damage, which therefore renders the body or any member useless.  For example, broken bones/stitches would be considered a “serious injury” as it can cause scarring.  To find an individual guilty of serious injury by vehicle, a judge or jury must first rule that the individual committed either reckless driving or DUI.  Subsequently, they must then rule that the individual‘s unlawful acts were the direct cause of serious injury.

If convicted of serious injury by vehicle, an individual’s driver’s license will be suspended for 3 years, without the option of obtaining work permit allowed.

Why Hire Mickey Roberts?

Mickey Roberts has defended those accused of SIBV for over 36 years.  Many of those cases also involved either DUI alcohol or DUI drug charges.

Because your freedom is at risk in these types of cases, it is important for your attorney to take an aggressive approach in obtaining all of the evidence from the outset. Mickey Roberts will obtain copies of any police training records, police reports, accident reconstruction reports, and other evidence the State may use against you at trial. He will also obtain an independent accident reconstructionist to do his own accident investigation.

Mickey Roberts is considered an expert on Standardized Field Sobriety Evaluations as well both Intox and Gas Chromatograph machines which are used in Georgia to determine Blood Alcohol Content and blood drug content, respectively.  He is also well versed and considered an expert in 4th Amendment search issues.

Sample Win: A SIBV case was reduced to a misdemeanor charge when my client hit two elderly people in a crosswalk. Using an accident reconstructionist we were able to convince prosecutor and judge that my client was not driving recklessly.