Criminal Appeal & Post Conviction Services

If an individual pleads or has been found guilty of a crime, but does not believe they are responsible, the case may be eligible for “post-conviction relief.”  Mickey Roberts, Atlanta criminal defense attorney, uses over three decades of practice experience and expert knowledge of the suburban and exurban Atlanta-area counties’ judicial systems to assist clients in their pursuit of overturning rulings and criminal record expungement. The steps for re-opening cases and withdrawing a guilty plea are intricate, time consuming, and restricted to certain exceptions and case-by-case scenarios.  Generally, most cases are only available for retrial within a specified number of days after an initial ruling.   Due to this time constraint, it is vital for individuals seeking a retrial or expungement to request to secure postconviction counsel in a timely manner.

Postconviction Services in Atlanta:
  • Changing or modifying a DUI plea or sentence from guilty to not guilty
  • Reversing a DUI conviction
  • Wrongful incarceration (Habeas Corpus petition)
  • Expungement/restriction of criminal record

It is also important to note that not all pleas or convictions may be reversed.  Currently under current Georgia law, no DUI arrest may be expunged unless an individual is acquitted of ALL charges in relation to the arrest.  For this reason, it is pertinent that you seek postconviction counsel for the above services only from an experienced traffic attorney with a proven record of successful cases won.