Cases Won in Georgia

Since 1996, Mickey G. Roberts, P.C. has remained devoted to DUI and other traffic law defense. This decision was derived in the mid 1990’s when Georgia DUI laws started involving complex matters of chemistry, forensic science, constitutional law and administrative law. Traffic laws these days can change on a weekly basis and I believe I can best serve clients focusing on DUI law and other complicated traffic law defense such as drivers under 21 given my vast experience over the years. Since 2000, 98% of the contested traffic cases I have handled have resulted in a win (meaning my client’s plead not guilty instead of guilty); in the case of DUIs, a “win” is either an outright dismissal of the DUI or a reduction of the original DUI charge.

DUI Cases

  1. Client stopped by DUI Task Force Officer for running red light; smell of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes; client refused field tests and breath test; a DeKalb jury is out only an hour, finds client NOT GUILTY of both DUI and Red light violation
  2. Client was involved in a one car accident in Lawrenceville, GA.; officer found client in car on opposite side of roadway, with 2 flat tires; after field sobriety tests, client was arrested but refused the state breath test; client was specifically charged with per se DUI; because there was no actual evidence of client’s blood alcohol level, State’s evidence was not sufficient for a conviction, and she was found not guilty
  3. Client arrested by Georgia State Patrol for running a stop sign, speeding, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, and DUI. After reviewing video, it was obvious that client was not impaired, AND that for the most part no state trooper’s video showed any traffic violations by my client. All charges dismissed except running a stop sign.
  4. Client stopped for weaving. Supposedly performed poorly on the Field Sobriety evaluations; refused breath test. Not guilty
    by a Forsyth County jury.

Teen Drivers

  1. Under 21 client with her 2nd DUI; one car accident; client was found by police about ½ mile from accident located in Suwanee, GA.; client did not admit to driving, and she was immediately arrested by officer; court found that officer did not have probable cause to arrest for DUI.
  2. Under 21 client charged with felony serious injury for hitting 2 pedestrians in a walkway. After my investigator was able to show: client not speeding, and pedestrian area not properly lit, case was reduced to a misdemeanor offense.
  3. Under 21 charged with DUI and possession of marijuana. Case reduced to a local ordinance violation.

Drug Cases

  1. Client stopped in a known drug area; charged with felony drug possession after search of car. Case dismissed after a motions hearing in which judge agreed with me that the search violated client’s 4th Amendment rights.
  2. Client charged with felony drug possession after stop of car. Case dismissed after a motions hearing arguing violation of client’s 4th Amendment rights.
  3. Client’s misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession dismissed after case was continued so long that the State could not find their police officer to testify.


  1. Client’s plea to alcohol related offenses was keeping him from obtaining a job. After filing motions to correct his record, I was able to get al of his record restricted from public access.
  2. Client was acquitted of DUI, but not failure to maintain lane. I successfully argued that since the DUI was only showing on the GCIC record, restriction was proper.
  3. Client acquitted of DUI in 2001. Needed restriction because of job with Fortune 500 company. Restriction obtained!

Accidents/Personal Injury

  1. Client was involved in a very bad accident where the party at fault died. Client suffered severely broken leg; the insurance company offered $175000 to settle, but we eventually obtained a settlement for $250,000.
  2. Client struck by drunk driver; client’s gas tank exploded, causing tragic death of client’s 2 step children. After filing suit against a bar where driver had been over served, and the car manufacturer, settlement obtained in excess of $1 million.