Utmost Professionalism

After meeting you over 25 years ago, it finally came time to use your services to represent my sister. You handled her case with the utmost professionalism! The results turned out to be favorable for her, but even if it had not, you still dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”! We are grateful for your persistence and follow-through, as well as attention to detail. Would we use your services again in the future or recommend you to others? ABSOLUTELY! You’re the best!

Thanks again, D

Happy With The Outcome

Mickey, I am very happy with the outcome. While I think we had a good case to move toward trail, I could not weigh the cost and possibility of relying on a jury to see through the test results. While sad, it came down to pure cost – maybe on both sides … Mickey, let me finish by saying this. Spending almost 19 years with FedEx, they trained me very well to read a person’s actions, body movements and expressions. It was very comforting to watch you enter the court room. You definitely command a presence and are recognized by your colleagues, peers and opposing council. I was glad you were and are my attorney.