Drug Possession & Driving in Georgia

The possession of illegal drugs can result in jail time and license suspension, and can affect the ability to obtain or retain a job. Therefore it is important to hire a lawyer experienced and skilled in drug defense.

Mickey Roberts has defended those accused of drug possession, as well as drug distribution, for over 34 years. Many of those cases also involved high school and college students charged with drug possession.

Most drug cases initially start out with either a vehicle stop/subsequent search, or involve a search warrant obtained by the police to search a person’s home. All of these cases involve the 4th Amendment, which prohibits the unreasonable search of a person’s home, person and effects, including cars. Your lawyer MUST know the current case law on “search and seizure”.

Mickey Roberts has handled hundreds of cases where he has aggressively attacked unlawful searches where drugs have been found. He is considered a 4th Amendment expert.

In addition, he has taken forensic science classes which enable him to understand how the State tests for drugs and therefore also how to attack these tests.