I hope you never find yourself in any of these situations: You are leaving a wedding, end up in an accident, and the other person in your car dies; you are going home after a long day at work, fall asleep, run off the road, hit a tree and your child receives stitches; you are driving your car in a parking lot and a young child runs in front of you; you hit the child, injuring her, and even though you had had only 2 beers, are charged with DUI/ serious injury.

I have represented people in all of those situations, all ending up with positive results; these were basically normal, good, decent, folks who, for whatever reason, had an accident in which someone died or sustained a “serious injury. When that happens, a case can go from being a misdemeanor, with possible punishment up to a year in jail, to a felony with prison up to 15 years!

Should you find yourself charged with such a crime there are some things to should do IMMEDIATELY:

  1. At the scene, do not admit to anything or say anything to witnesses or the police;
  2. Do not agree to perform field sobriety evaluations;
  3. Do not agree to any breath test on the side of the road;
  4. Do not agree to any state administered chemical test, UNLESS you have had only one or two drinks;
  5. Exercise your rights against self-incrimination under Georgia law by refusing to answer police questions and also by asking for a lawyer;
  6. As soon as you can, get your car released from impound;
  7. As soon as possible, call a qualified, experienced lawyer.

There are numerous reasons to hire a qualified experienced Vehicular Homicide or Serious Injury lawyer , such as my self:

  1. I will obtain the initial police report and police training record immediately;
  2. I will have an accident reconstructionist onboard as soon as possible, to take a look at the accident scene and your car;
  3. I will proceed, if necessary, to apply for bond immediately;
  4. I will then recommend a plan for you to help you with the case down the road, including, if necessary, an alcohol evaluation and treatment if necessary;
  5. Once I get the initial evidence I will outline a plan to aggressively defend the case.
  6. I have over 37 years of experience in handling these types of cases.

A conviction for felony vehicular homicide and for serious injury by vehicle can have a devastating impact on your life and the lives of your family; it is urgent that you act fast in obtaining qualified legal representation.